Home Again, Home Again...

Phew. We made it back again to New York last night. We're all a little tired today, but I must say the trip back to Massachusetts for the Brimfield Antique Fair was definitely worth it.

Unfortunately my camera was giving me a funny error code yesterday at the flea market, so there are no pics of the actual event. I fixed my lens today though and here's what I scored:

(keeping in mind that I had to seriously restrain myself due to very little space in the car)

-A giant antique guilt mirror
with big, beautiful carved blossoms in the corners. Tag Price $100. Price paid: $50

- Pair of original 1950's French watercolors of the St. Louis and the Notre Dame. These need some cleaning, but I think they are absolutely beautiful.
Tag price $90. Price paid $40

-An adorable medium sized chandelier with metal flowers and leaves. Tag price: $110. Price paid: $40

-A cute little french blue milk glass vase/mini urn. I love turquoise. Tag price: $25. Price paid: $5

-Vintage sweater in Grace's perfect little size. It's hard to tell from this picture, but it's really cute. I love it. The vintage buttons are especially adorable.
Tag price $3. Price paid $1.50

I came so close to buying two antique Turkish rugs (well, I was deciding between two). The colors and patterns were so incredible. The seller was a nice enough guy, but he was really firm on the price because it was the first day of the fair. He said if I came back the last day and the rug I liked was still there, that he'd drop the price. These rugs were so beautiful that it would almost be worth the loooooong trip there again this weekend! Here's a rug from the web that is similar looking.All in all, a great trip. I can't wait for next year though, when Michael will have just graduated and we'll be moving somewhere for good. Any excuse for new (well, old, I guess) furniture...


Petertammenson said...

LOVE the shot of color of the blue milk glass!

Kyle said...

I love those watercolors...definately worth the price. I'm jealous.

No.35style said...

I love that sweater and the rug! I've always wanted to go to brimfield, but never have made it. I do love Round Top in Texas though, which is a similar type thing.


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