Chalkboard Paint Projects

Chalkboard paint in common living areas? Yes or No?
{I say yes.}


MMW said...

I think it looks super fun - especially in the playrooms. But the one in the bedroom (chalkboard as headboard) makes me sneeze just thinking of it. I wonder how they work around all the bits of chalk-dust that get everywhere? At least in a classroom there is usually a ledge to catch said dust.

BTW I LOVE littlegreennotebook. Thanks for a GREAT read.

Terese said...

Such cool ideas. I knew someone who used it on a kiddie table top. Where do you get chalkboard paint?

Jenny said...

MMW - Glad you're enjoying my blog. I love writing it!
I hear you on the headboard/chalk dust thing. Yuck. I don't think I'd be using it like a traditional chalkboard though - maybe changing the image only every so often?

Terese - You can buy chalkboard paint at Home Depot and Lowes. I think you can have it mixed in any color you want these days, but if they don't do that I know that Apartment Therapy posted a recipe for making your own paint using any color you have.

Here's the link:

Although, I must say, I love the starkness of all the black in these photos. Black paint is so dramatic. In fact, I feel a 'black walls' post coming on... :)

Toria said...

Hey Jennica and all,
while I miss home depot where I live, I found chalkboard paint at a store near me and it was in traditional chalkboard green, black or navy blue. We did a playroom wall navy blue and the kids really like it. A friend of mine said she did it with a layer of magnetic paint underneath which I thought was a great idea. Also, my mom said Rust-Oleum sells the tint-able chalkboard paint at home depot. Here's a link

I love little green notebook too and seeing that tree made me realize I need to send you pics of ours (it looks so similar).I'll do that soon.

Anonymous said...

Love this blog!
For those of you who've used the chalkboard paint - how well does it erase/rewrite?
Does the chalk erase completely off, like a nice chalkboard? I'm thinking of doing the outside of my pantry door... comments?
Thanks! Wendy

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