House Beautiful 101 Makeovers - Small Wallpapering Projects

In Feb. 2009. House Beautiful published 101 easy/instant home makeover ideas from 101 interior designers. Over the next few weeks, I'll be featuring some of the great ideas from that list and my thoughts on achieving the look on a budget.

Makeover Idea #60 from Ruthie Sommers

"Wallpaper a closet. A linen closet only needs a couple of rolls and you will feel sheer joy every time you open it."

Closet design by Ruthie Sommers via Domino

Wallpaper can be expensive and difficult to install on your own (especially for a large space). Like Ruthie Sommers suggests in the HB article, papering a smaller area can be a great solution to the wallpaper-lovers-but-cynics out there and will continue to provide a cheap pick me up long after installation.

Here are a few inspiration photos of papering projects that I think could easily be completed in one day:

The inside of your closet

A small powder bath

A single accent wall

The back and/or sides of a bookcase or hutch

Think outside the box by papering a door panel

or a screen.

One idea that I'm loving lately is installing wallpaper inside simple wall moulding that's painted a contrasting color.

You know that eBay is my go-to source for cheap wallpaper, but there really are a lot of great options out there, especially if you're willing to splurge a little more (Walnut Wallpapers and Graham & Brown are favorites. For high-end designer papers, check Decorator's Best).

I was surprised to learn that American Blinds sells wallpaper for really cheap (in most cases).
Sunset put together this collection of wallpaper from this really inexpensive resource.

I also like this gray and yellow trellis print from the American Blinds site ($23.45 per single roll).

And I am so, so crazy about this beautiful floral by Pierre Duex, also from the same site. It's pricey at about $50 a roll, but looks just like designer papers that costs many times that. My head is spinning, imaging what I would do with this paper...

Do you have any inspiring wallpaper projects to share? Check back later on this week for a peek at my papered closet...


HES said...

I love your blog and wanted to wish you good luck with your applications and new website, etc! You are doing a great job. One of the photos today reminded me of a question I've been wanting to ask: I'm getting married this spring, and the only thing I'm worried about is that my fiance will bring an upright piano with him when he moves in. If you ever run out of ideas to blog about (that seems doubtful!) I wanted to see if you would consider showing some pictures of upright pianos in different settings. What a strange thing to write to someone! Thanks again for the blog. Hallie

Alexandra said...

I also wanted to just say that I love your blog. You make decorating easy and affordable. I now enjoy reading about designs rather than just feeling frustrated and depressed.

paula said...

love this idea. Such an unexpected touch.

Jennifer said...

great inspiration photos! I'm kind of dying to wallpaper something, but I can't decide what. our hall bath is top on the list, but it stays pretty moist so that could be a disaster waiting to happen. and all of our furniture that would be good candidates are nice antiques on "semi-permanent loan" from my dad and I can just imagine what he would think!

makemineeclectic said...

What a great idea. And great pictures and paper choices. I was thinking about papering the panels on a plastic set of drawers I have. Good inspiration for the project! I will have pictures here when I get it done:

Gesikah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gesikah said...

I have been considering wallpapering the closet in our spare bedroom (I can't believe I just said that), but had been balking at the price of the wallpaper I loved and the design of the wallpaper I had found that I could afford.

I wanted something kinda crazy and colorful, especially since it would only be in a closet. I am seriously in love with the Pierre Duex floral. Thanks for all the great resources!

*sorry about the comment above, posted from an old profile

Anonymous said...

The grey and yellow trellis design is available in "easy-change" (no pasting and removable) via the Sherwin Williams website.|

Anonymous said...

I love the wallpaper images! Another option to add a little pizazz - easier, costs even less, and not necessarily permanent - are wallstickers:

Amica said...

Mmm, this is a happy idea. I especially like your example of doing panels of paper on a solid wall, that would definitely add some interest.
Thanks for posting!

sad said...

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Nice wrapping the closets. These pics are really great and quite motivational in helping with the decoration of home.

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