Lately on Fab: Classic Kartell

You all know that I am a big fan of mixing high and low pieces in my own home and in my client's homes. I always suggest investing in antiques and classic midcentury modern pieces where the budget allows. This way you know your investment in your furniture will have more staying power. Or at least you know your future grandkids will be fighting over who gets the acrylic library ladder. :) 

Kartell is one of those big midcentury names, like Eames, Saarinen, Nelson and Bertoia, etc, etc that will always be classic, fresh and timeless in any room.  Most of the famous acrylic/lucite furniture pieces we all know and love are manufactured by Kartell - like Phillipe Starck's Ghost Chair.


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Fab, one of my long-time collaborators, has a great Kartell private sale happening right now. The sale technically continues for another two weeks, but these pieces are flying off the virtual shelves here! One of my clients bought three of the bar stools for her kitchen island last night and we're both excited to get them. With the free shipping especially, the Fab price is better than my trade pricing. So grab 'em while they last!


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pve design said...

fab fab fab to infuse a home with mod lucite.

Shannon said...

Jenny, did you recently change the headline font on the blog, or am I just now noticing? Do you mind sharing what font it is?

Vu the Explorer said...

I see what you did there with the page's design :) Love the new picture as well. Was wondering when you were going to change it.

AmytheGreen said...

Jenny, I love your blog but this post really irks me. Kartell is not at all Mid-century Modern (classic modern, sure). Mid-century implies that the items existed during the mid 20th century which none of these did, the ghost chair is only celebrating its 1oth anniversary. Comparing Kartell to classic Eames and Saarinen is pretty much blasphemy.

Jenny at LGN said...

Thanks for noticing the quick couple of changes I made guys. I have a full redesign in the works, but I'm stuck in litigation trying to get my .com url back. It's expensive and taking forever!

I couldn't handle looking at the same background, etc, etc, etc for much longer so I stayed up for a couple hours last night and tweaked a couple things to make it more livable on my blogspot for at least a couple more weeks (or who knows how long! blerg!)

Jenny at LGN said...

Hey Amy -

I totally get what you're saying and I had a feeling that I might irk a few design diehards by putting the designers names in the post. But Kartell did start manufacturing modern style plastic and acrylic furniture in the 20th century (the 50s or 60s I think), so I feel fine about the wording I used here.

And I really do think their acrylic pieces are classic and are a great investment choice. :)


Lisette said...

I love those ghost chairs.

Jenny at LGN said...

Hey Shannon! Do you mean the font of the post titles or the little placard on the notebook in the header? The former is just my handwriting, but the post title font I think is just Georgia italicized? It isn't new, I just made it charcoal gray last night (used to be a dark coral).

xo said...

I'm doing a post on lucite tomorrow...and sitting in a lucite chair as I write this! :) Love a little lucite!

lydia holt said...

Your new site looks great!

Cris Brown said...

all furniture are very nice looking.thanks for share with us.

stephanie said...

Just went on FAB to buy the lamp. sold out. bummed out ;(
but thanks for posting!

Lynford Rozario said...

Fab...Loved your lamp a lot..its so stylish

Android Developer said...

I am also a fan of Kartell. My favorite pieces are the gnome table and the Francois Ghost mirror. I prefer this piece in clear and hung against a wall with a large patterned wallpaper. I am looking forward to using the master chairs in a clients office with his/her desks. What are you favorite pieces.


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