Rustoleum Enamel

Are you sick of me professing my love of oil-based paints yet? :) When I want a custom color mixed, I use Benjamin Moore's or Sherwin-Williams' Porch and Floor paint, but if I'm at Home Depot and need a pretty basic color, I reach for the quarts of pre-mixed Rustoleum Enamel.

 photo IMG_0258.jpg

I've used their blue:

 photo IMG_0812-2.jpg


 photo 2DSC_0302.jpg


 photo DSC_0269.jpg


 photo DSC_0377.jpg

and Gray:

 photo 2DSC_0026.jpg

Eileen from A Creative Day was adventurous and tried out the Hunter Green Rustoleum recently and emailed me the results. Check out this beautiful color!

 photo rustoleum.jpg

 photo EMERALDCHEST1.jpg

I'm itching to use it myself now! Such a pretty shade of emerald!

 photo emeraldchest2.jpg


pve design said...

I am looking to paint a piece for my summer porch in a bright color and now I feel inspired to tackle this. My local hardware store has Rustoleum Enamel....
I do love it in black too.
pve said...

that is a great color...i have a bench in my kitchen that takes a good beating and could use a coat of oil-based paint. now, to get over my irrational fear of using it...water-based paint is just so much easier.

Juliet said...

Jenny, your rustoleum projects look great! I was wondering if you used a primer first and if so which one? I am excited about trying the gloss white on a vintage Parsons bench!

Marilena said...

This post came just in time along with the gold shelf post form a few days ago. I'm inspired to do the shelf in enamel.

Alicia Reisinger said...

No! Not sick of it! Because of your tip, the next time I tackle a project that needs a custom color, I'll be mixing with the oil base too. It's so much easier to paint with and I never thought of it!

quinncooper said...

These are all awesome. Their so deep and rich looking. They also have a beautiful sheen to them. Thanks for putting them on my radar!
xo Quinn

Quinn Cooper Style

Karen Albert said...

The colors are beautiful. Do they glide on well and also does one coat do it?

Art by Karena said...

good tip on paint types. I have a chair that I am re-doing right now!

Ms. Bright said...

I had twin beds painted with Rustoleum's forest green enamel in my bedroom growing up. I still love (and miss) that rich glossy green even though the beds are now white!

Katie Cole said...

Love the Color for sure! Is this product your favorite for furniture products?

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

What a beautiful color. She did a great job!

mstreetdenver said...

Love to use Rustoleum Enamel on handrails and doors when remodeling. It's tough as nails. That hunter green is gorgeous!

Jennifer @ Dimples and Tangles said...

Beautiful! Even using a foam roller, I've had trouble with latex-semi gloss getting a smooth finish. Is that not a problem with this paint since it's oil-based?

Kimber said...

Love the colors, Jenny. Do you use a foam roller or brush with them? How do they lie down?

karen brown said...

i just bought it this week (per your posts) for the interior of my kitchen cabinets! said...

SOLD! The coverage looks amazing and the colors are gorgeous. I've got a painting project coming up and now I know what I'll be getting. Thanks!


Han @ Brooklyn DIY Designs said...

I use the tints from the paint counter at HD to make my own colors. The possibilities are endless!!

Jessica Garrett Mills said...

I'm so excited to try this for an entryway table that I've been repainting in latex forever and it never looks right. Does anybody know, do I need to strip that table first? Or can I just slap some oil over the latex?

Jenny at LGN said...

Hi guys!

I think primer can never hurt, especially if you're trying to cover a coat of latex. Just make sure to use an oil-based primer (I like Zinsser brands). A light sanding is always a good idea too.

I use the foam rollers for latex paints usually, but I prefer using a good 2" angled brush for oil-based paints (or really any paint with a super high sheen). If you're having trouble with brush marks, which usually oil-based paints self level really well, you can add a chemical called Penetrol that helps reduce brush marks. I think it's worth trying without it first though. I like Penetrol, but I think it changes the consistency of the paint a little too much.

I gave some of my tips for applying oil-based paints with a brush in this post:


Serenity said...

Their John Deer Green is wonderful too - my absolute favorite!

Whatever happened to the extended Rustomleum colors that was supposed to come on the market? I've been looking for them for the past two years!

Katie Waddell said...

Best paint EVER!!! :)

JC said...

I prefer the convenience and easy cleanup of acrylic paints for most projects, but when I want a durable high gloss, I usually reach for an oil spray paint, or the Rustoleum cans like the ones you posted.

I used their beige and dark grey (which looks more like a blue) on this restored antique cupboard:

Thye lighting isn't the best (since this was in my garage)

Brit said...

So pretty! I'm really curious to hear what you think about painting cheap furniture. I have a piece that would be beautiful if I could paint it but not sure if it's worth it

Donna said...

Wow that is a gorgeous green! and I love her styling.

Maggie Rose said...

I was JUST thinking about your love of this paint and wondering if there was a green available! Not quite ready to take the plunge, but brainstorming for our Ikea dresser that could use a new look at some point.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

I have used the green a couple of times and I love it. It's a true emerald green and so bold!

I just finished using it in my living room. I paired my newly painted chest with a leopard cushion!

Emily | Recently said...

Oh wow! Now I absolutely have to use this somewhere! Now, can we talk about her lamps??? :)

sal ♥ said...

whoa, those colors look nice. i love the grey! :D

Lauren said...

I LOVE the cabinet for the white example. Can you give me any tips on where to find one like it or key words to search for?

PS.. I <3 this blog!!

Nuha said...

Just curious - would you ever use this to paint kitchen cabinets? I worry about paint becoming tack-y, causing cabinet doors to stick to one another.

niki said...

I have just painted my kitchen cabinets in the gloss grey. They were laminate, and inspired by the post of the bathroom redo, I gave a try. I am happy with the results, also for a beginner like me. No sticky.

Your's Truly, said...

where do you purchase Benjamen Moore's Porch & Floor paint?

Also when you had it mixed for the Behr Citonette color. Did your local hardware store just match the color or they used the behr color exactly?

thank you!!

fabulosa said...

Once you try Ristoleum paint of any kind or color, you are sold for ever. This is a superior product,and I love it.

Melissa@Julias Bookbag said...

Ok. you've sold me! I have a boring wood bookcase I'm looking to jazz up, and this summer I'm going to try using this paint on it.

semo said...

your rustoleum projects look great! I was wondering if you used a primer first and if so which one? I am excited about trying the gloss white on a vintage Parsons bench


Karen said...

Quick question.....are these paints no-VOC or low-VOC? I know that oil paints can be pretty harsh.


John said...

I adore the Rustoleum Enamels and all of the projects look great but could you please post a pic of the cans you use when you are custom mixing from Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore. I want the same results with more color options!


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