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Tonight I'm hopping on plane to go do a project install. I should be packing my bags or cleaning up the house. What am I doing instead? Online shopping. It's not my fault though - there is so much cool home stuff on Fab right now! I'm dying over those gray lawn chairs. And I've been looking for a big dog bed for Linus to lay on and this greek key pattern in the prettiest pale blue might just do the trick. Won't his pretty silver fur look great against that pale blue? :) Sweet, sweet Linus. I love that boy.

Here are some of my other favorites that are available on Fab for the next couple of days.

 photo FAB1.jpg

1  //  2  //  3  //  4  //  5  //  6  //  7

 photo FAB2.jpg

8  //  9  //  10  //  11  //  12  //  13  //  14

In case you haven't shopped Fab before, they sell a really beautifully curated collection of home, tech and fashion products, most of them for short periods of time and at really great reduced prices. And as a little personal side note - I had to change an order address once at the very last minute and the customer service people at Fab were completely amazing to work with. So friendly, so competent. :) These people really know how to run a great business, start to finish.

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quinncooper said...

Also love the grey lawn chairs.
Can't wait until I have a yard some day. WIth a pretty little garden and nice outdoor furniture.
xo Quinn

Quinn Cooper Style

Amy at Ms. Toody Goo Shoes said...

I'll take numbers 4 and 14, please!

RyanWesleyBrown said...

totally have the Mame LP framed on a shelf in my closet. maybe i should break out the glitter......

blair @ design that inspires said...

beautiful pillows! my sister has been looking for some new ones, I'll have to pass this along!


petal and plume said...

such a stunning array. those prints are beauteous!

Jessie LeLievre said...

OOOh I have that exact record hanging on my daughters wall! Bought it at the thrift for .50cents :)

TKSJewelry said...

I just saw almost those exact gray chairs for $30 at a local second hand store. I loved them but my deck is already full. Fab is one of my favorite inspirational sites.


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