Lately on Fab: Kate Spade Saturday!

Great news!! Kate Spade's colorful and carefree (and wildly popular) Saturday line is on Fab right now. A lot of these great pieces are on sale (!) and are exclusive to Fab.  So hurry on over because the sale ends next week!

Kate Spade Saturday is the embodiment of that chic weekend look, but works perfectly for seven days a week! (I'd love to pull out that hot pink leather wallet from my bag at the design center. And those bright red heels? Killer.)

This line is perfect for those of us that love the color and prep of Kate Spade, but want something a little more modern. Here are my favorites:

 photo FABKS1.jpg

1  //  2  //  3  //  4

 photo FABKS2.jpg

5  //  6

 photo FABKS3.jpg

7  //  8  //  9  //  10

 photo FABKS4.jpg

11  //  12

 photo FABKS5.jpg

13  //  14  //  15  //  16  //  17

 photo FABKS6-1.jpg

18  //  19

One of each, please and thank you!

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Valerie said...

Love this line, particularly the bright, peppy colors!

Rosie Scott said...

Hi Jenny,

Soooo I'm really not trying to be catty here, but I want to ask this question: Isn't this a sponsored post? This seems like a commercial. Also, Oh Happy Day, another blog that you link to on your blog role who's also in your same FM ad network had an almost identical post on July 23 as well.

I really enjoy your blog and want to trust that you're being totally transparent about sponsored posts so I'd really appreciate if you could reply to this comment.

Thank you very much for your time!


Rosie Scott said...

OK now Cup of Jo (also on FM) posted about Fab including a specific shoutout to Kate Spade. But Cup of Jo mentioned this in parentheses and italics at the end of the post: "(This post is in partnership with Fab. Thanks so much for being supportive of the sponsors that help make Cup of Jo possible.)"

Again, I'm not trying to be the blog police here, but when I noticed that this post seemed to have lower quality than your usual (that Kate Spade collection is really nothing special), I was a little disappointed. Is it possible for you to list something like what Joanna listed only at the top of the post from now on?


Jenny at LGN said...

Hi Rosie! Thanks for chiming in - you're totally right! I had written in the disclosure part in an earlier draft, but I've been having technical problems with posting lately and had to scrap that draft and start again. I totally forgot the standard disclosure line the second time. Whoops!

Thanks for the heads up!


PS Fab doesn't work with FM - they like to work with bloggers more directly. Just a little aside! :)

Rosie Scott said...

Hi Jenny,

Ah, OK, sorry about that then! I only bothered to say something because I enjoy the content of your blog SO MUCH and you've really inspired me to put more effort into creating a living space that I love (which is difficult to get behind as a busy grad student). For the record, I think it's perfectly acceptable for you to do these sponsorships and want you to be compensated for creating and maintaining one of the very few consistently high quality, positive blogs out there.

High five!

P.S. Also, how cool is it that you responded so quickly?


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