Valley House Tour: Guest Suite

At the top of the spiral staircase, before you get to the play room, is a little guest suite. My parents live about three hours away from us, but they come to Phoenix often (at least twice a month), so we are excited to have space for them in our new house.

 photo DSC_0634.jpg

Some of you asked about Heather's plans. She moved with us to Arizona and is busy planning the next phase of her life. She recently graduated from college so I think she's ready to start a career after her adventure in New York with us last year. We'll beg her to stay with us occasionally, but I think she might be ready to have her own place now. :)

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 photo DSC_0663.jpg

The guest room isn't huge. Without the closets and the little balcony, the room is about 13x13. Just enough space for a queen and a pair of small night stands and a dresser maybe in this corner.

 photo dDSC_0665.jpg

This dresser would be so pretty there! If it won't fit, I have an old Draper style that might be just right.

 photo DSC_0237.jpg

I forgot to take photos of the balcony, but it's teeny - just enough space for a small chair. There is a little closet out there though that was used for Christmas decorations it looks like and to store the vacuum cleaner? Sort of random. :)

 photo dDSC_0669.jpg

This is the room Michael and I have been sleeping in the past week while the floors on the other side of the house are getting ripped out. 

 photo DSC_0667.jpg

The kids have been sleeping in the play room next to us and we've all been sharing this small bathroom with the world's most poorly designed pedestal sink. It's one of those shell-shapes and there are about two square inches of flat surface on the whole thing (it's all sloping). My toothbrush has fallen on the floor more times this week than I care to admit. :(

 photo dDSC_0635.jpg

It's okay though - it just makes me all the more excited to tackle this bathroom! This room is calling out for something fun, don't you think? Maybe encaustic tiles?

 photo dDSC_0638.jpg

 photo DSC_0637.jpg

 photo DSC_0641.jpg

A little update: On the renovations front, things are slow-going. Like with pretty much every reno I've ever been a part of, there have been some delays and hiccups. Not fun. Thanks for your patience with me while we are trying to get settled and work out all the logistical nightmares of moving a family and business cross-country. I promise I'll zip through the rest of this home tour quickly and I'll start sharing the projects that I'm beginning to tackle this week. xo


alison g. said...

I love your can-do spirit. It helps me remember we aren't the only ones taking on crazy adventures ;)

Michelle Panting said...

EEEK. limited living space is one of the worst things about renovating. At least your new house is big! Can't wait to see some of the after pics.

Ashley said...

It's so exciting to see these sneak peaks of various parts of your new home, Jenny. Obviously this home is a great blank slate and will be even better once you've added your signature stamp to the place.

Julie said...

So much great potential in this space and can't wait to see what you do with it all!

Barbie said...

This whole project would be so overwhelming for me! I am so impressed at how you handle it all. Really anxious to hear more about the $75 barstools you found, since I need some for my new place. I can't bring myself to buy any until I hear more about yours! Good luck with all those inevitable hiccups. said...

I don't know how you're finding the time to post with everything you have going on! Loving the peeks into the house though! :)

Stephanie said...

Got to love close quarters. Demo always feels worse before it gets better! Can't wait to see the projects


Elisa of Fancy Free Me said...

Wow, now that's some tile! No doubt you will work wonders in the suite!

Gwen, The Makerista said...

I love that you're sharing all of this with us! Thank you for filling us in on your process and "before"s...I really enjoy it!

Jessica said...

Hi! Non-decorating question: what service are you guys using to move all of your belongings cross-country? Shipping pods? U-Haul?

The hubs and I have long dreamed of moving to Portland, OR from our current NYC digs and everything appears prohibitively expensive, so I'd love to know what the most cost effective solution was for you!

Thanks so much - and can't wait to see how this new space turns out. ;)

Mel & Liza said...

I love seeing the tour! Keep it coming! said...

Wow! The ceilings in there are crazytown.

Angie Romines said...

Is there a practical reason for putting a dresser in the guestroom or is it just to fill the space for decor reasons? We just bought a house and we are trying to put together a guest room since we finally have the space for one. It does seem pretty bare in there with just a bed (no frame or headboard yet, which might be part of the problem) and a small bedside table. We were thinking of moving a large steamer trunk in there or a medium sized bookcase to fill up space, but do guests want a dresser to stash their clothes? Whenever I've stayed in a guestroom, I just live out of my suitcase but I'm also not the neatest person so maybe that's why I never thought to actually use a guestroom dresser.


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