Wallpaper in the Entry

I love how high the ceilings are in our entry, but it makes it a little bit tricky to decorate in there! The big walls just swallow up even two or three pieces of art stacked on each other.

 photo IMG_5571.jpg

 photo IMG_5578.jpg

I'm so excited to share more, but at the twelfth hour before the big shoot next week, we have decided to wallpaper the entry! I am beyond excited. 

 photo mIMG_5559.jpg

The wallpaper arrived within an hour of the wallpaper hanger today - just in time! We saved a little bit of money by prepping the walls ourselves, but I wish I could have DIYed the whole thing. I've hung wallpaper a bunch of times before and it's usually a doable project, but this was definitely a job for the pros. A big part of it is we are completely out of time and this was a last minute decision, but the bottom line is I get dizzy just thinking about carefully hanging those long sheets on a 18' ladder! It is worth every pretty penny to get to admire from afar on this one! ;)

 photo IMG_5583.jpg

 photo IMG_5576.jpg

I can't wait to share the afters, but in the meantime, I'll show you my inspiration photos. I LOVE how wallpaper can stand alone in a room, and how it looks so magical layered with art and other colors and patterns!

 photo ABloomsburyLifeentry2.png

 photo Green-Bicycle-Design-wallpapered-foyer-cherry-branches-ikat-bench-red-stairs.jpg

 photo damask-blue-wallpaper-bhg.jpg

 photo styleathomeeclectic-foyer-MAIN.jpg
Meredith Heron for Style at Home

 photo abc643719a9a.jpeg
Anna Spiro (her gorgeous wallpaper line is HERE)

 photo black-adn-white-busy-wallpaper-foyer.jpg

 photo 812d2b424e78dab712e53d8182ce8574.jpg

 photo markhamroberts560848e57bf9e2bea7ec60cf8292a48c.jpg
Markam Roberts

 photo timothywealone5a84004ceb6ce86749dee4367cef2fc.jpg
Timothy Whealon

 photo 50f9695e42bab2dfda102ff330d81966.jpg

Back to work! On my to do list for tonight: tuft a little headboard and dye six curtain panels. Sheesh - what have I gotten myself into??


Britts said...

I know this is going to look so stunning!

Jodie Fransham said...

Oh another one of your projects, I just can't wait to see the after photos of. You are very inspirational!

Nina Leung said...

OH I can't wait to see! Your inspiration photos are great. I can see why you chose to do wallpaper. It definitely makes a statement!

Eco Chic Sense said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eco Chic Sense said...

Can't wait to see it- talk about making a grand entrance!!


Em said...

There are so many sneak peeks in that 2nd photo! It kills me that you're basically too busy doing awesome projects to even write about all of them. We never do get quite caught up, do we? I'm thankful for whatever your super-human self can pull off. Your posts consistently imbue an authentic constructive energy that blesses my life regularly. Keep on blowing everyone's minds, you awesome lady, you.

Bunnie Lee said...

Everything is so darling. *u*
You make me want to try wallpaper.

Kyla said...

Wow - you are really pulling out all the stops for this shoot! I am beyond excited. My heart truly started beating faster when I saw all those rolls of Farrow + Ball paper

Bec said...

You amaze me, woman. My to do list includes stuff like "shower." And even then, it often goes unaccomplished! I cannot wait to see more of all of these amazing accomplishments!

Emily said...

Your energy levels never cease to amaze me! I hope you're planning to take some time out this summer to just spend some time with your family, you definitely deserve it.

Mariana said...

I SEE BLACK LOVE HEART WALLPAPER OR STENCILLING! Very exciteddddddd! xx Good luck with the final projects. You are incredible.

Garrett Robinson said...

Always love a great wall paper post- can't wait to see the end results. Thank you for posting the source.


This is going to be fabulous I just know!!!

smash said...

I absolutely LOVE wallpaper in an entry. I have been debating what to do with ours, and I love Osborne & Little's prints. Cannot wait to see how yours turns out! xx

House of Pemberley said...

Ooh! I used that Farrow & Ball wallpaper in my master bathroom. It is absolutely STUNNING!

Molly ABA said...

Can't wait to see the reveal! Love the snippet of the wallpaper you showed. Such a smart way to handle the tall wall!

jackie jade said...

this is going to be soooo amazing - can't wait to see it finished!

Zoe Royall said...

Jenny Komenda, you are just the very, very best. Obsessed with the sneak peak in photo #2 and GOOD LUCK with all of your projects! Also, FYI, I've been loving your posts recently. It feels so much like the beginning of LGN again. Love it.

Lily L-M said...

I bet this is going to be amazing! I am thinking about removable wallpaper in my new apartment... would love to hear your thoughts about the best places to buy!

x Lily

Becca said...

I am SO excited to see your finished house. Maybe too excited? You are keeping this apartment dweller very happy ;-)

brett said...

I have the same paper in my stairwell, and the black/tan colorway in my powder. LOVE!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Love Farrow & Ball wallpaper! I can't wait to see it all up. It's going to be so dramatic!

Dee said...

As usual love your choice jenny ! A tutorial on how to prep textured walls will be great !

Laney Wyzykowski said...

Do you know who makes the cherry blossom wall covering?

Paddy said...

Oh, love how you have used Anna's wallpaper as inspiration. I think I gathered a highly commended when Anna ran a competition to name her wallpaper. I called this one the bees' knees.


Seahorseluvr said...

This is going to be just grand!

Incidentally, do you happen to have a DYI post on hanging wallpaper?

Victoria said...

EEEK!! Lotus!!!! Cannot WAIT to see the impact this makes....xo

Crayonsanddrywall said...

I can't wait to see it! You're posts always inspire me to go with my gut feeling instead of sticking to the safe option.

laura Madalene said...

That looks great - I would have loved to win it!! I am always looking for new home decor ideas. I'll be back to read more in the future.
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John Smith said...

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Gwen, The Makerista said...

This is bound to be incredible!

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mamabear said...

I am dying to see your kitchen and entry way! I've been checking your blog everyday to see the photo shoot:) Can't wait Jenny!

Jodi Morton said...

Lotus is one of my favorite patterns. The first photo on my projects page shows a foyer transformation with Kelly Wearstler paper. so fun…

Unknown said...

Can you hurry up and post some more pic's?? I just can't wait any longer!

Samantha Ryan said...

Gorgeous inspiration photos!

Bristol pvr said...

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Lucy Chen said...

What transformations!!! Whoa!!


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