Side Tables and Seating from Chairish

You guys were so nice about the side tables I designed. Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement to start selling them myself! Maybe that is down the road a bit. :)

 photo IMG_7884.jpg

I mentioned before that the side tables were inspired by these vintage Italian beauties from Chairish. I love these SO much and am jealous of the lucky person that snags them!

 photo Chairish8.png

This table has a similar vibe and is even more affordable. I love the stone top!

 photo Chairish7-1.png

Chairish is an amazing resource for really special pieces at affordable and very fair prices, especially when compared to sites that sell similar vintage goods! My favorite things to shop for on the site are chairs and side tables. They always have a really cool selection of super-unique vintage pieces. Here are some of my currently-available picks (and actually Chairish invited me to choose more than 30 favorites in a collection they featured here)! I'm sort of dying over those leather barstools...

 photo Chairish2.jpg

 photo Chairish6.jpg

 photo Chairish5.jpg

 photo Chairish7.jpg

 photo Chairish4.jpg

 photo Chairish3.jpg

 photo Chairish1.jpg

P.S. Don't forget that Chairish has a really fabulous app for iPhone users. It's a great and super easy way to list furniture to sell on Chairish, or just an easy way to shop on the go. I actually like to peruse the new listings in bed before I go to sleep. I'm guaranteed sweet dreams that way. :)

Chairish is a long-time sponsor of Little Green Notebook. Thank you for supporting our collaborators! :)


J. Lewis said...

Jenny, I am wondering if you have any advice about good resources to consult for pricing? I have a couple of Henredon chairs that I would like to sell, potentially on Chairish, but I am not sure where to begin when setting a price for them. Any words of wisdom?

Kathryn Humphreys said...

Hi Jenny: Have you seen these from West Elm:||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_--_-

Jenny at LGN said...

J. Lewis - I know the Chairish curators can help you come up with a good price! I would email them through the site. :)

Kathryn - I hadn't seen those yet!! Crazy!! I like them a lot!

lulabelle said...

Hi Jenny! I think this looks like a sponsored post- and I dont see a disclaimer anywhere.

Jenny at LGN said...

Hi Lulabelle -

You are SO right! Apologies there!! The posts I work with on Chairish represent a longterm relationship I have with the company, so the posts aren't exactly like the ones that I normally do where the content is sponsored by a company, etc. But it's still good to add a disclaimer at the end, and I totally spaced it (I just added it now).

Chairish has been a longtime, valued sponsor and I love working with them, as well as shopping with them! They are really great people.

Thanks again!

Nina Leung said...

Love those tables! So pretty.

laura Madalene said...

Your Lane side tables looks beautiful and you did a great job painting it. I have always loved the Lane side tables tables like that.

Mel & Liza said...

Love the source rec! I do have to say your side tables are amazing! Furniture designer too?!


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