Copy Cat Design: Caitlin Wilson's Dining Room

Colleen is on fire - I love seeing what she is up to on There Comes A Yes. Also, did you hear that she is now the head graphic designer for Lonny? She is so talented and I feel really lucky that she works with me! She's joining us today with a copy cat version of a room designed by another lovely friend, Caitlin Wilson. Here's Colleen:

I really love Caitlin Wilson's dining room in the July issue of Matchbook. It's a pretty mix of traditional and feminine pieces!

It's pink, but the shape isn't overtly girly, so it works well in a dining room.

A fresh, light wash of blue on the walls enhances the navies and pinks.

Chintz makes me happy. That's all.

A very traditional and formal chandelier--it's best paired with a mix of furniture styles.

To stuff with hydrangeas, of course.

Dress up a run-of-the-mill buffet with glam lucite knobs.

A basic sideboard perfect for customization.

Scour church garage sales, thrift stores, and fleas for a framed oil painting--you'll get the best deal!

Rarely can you go wrong with a vintage dining set. If you're searching Ebay or Craigslist, try adding "regency" to your search terms.

To get that Regency look, search for high back chairs and caning.

Upholster the dining chairs in a navy and white/cream stripe!

Use wing back chairs as host chairs--it breaks up the matchy-matchy look of a dining set.

Tie the room together perfectly with this floral fabric.


  1. OOO - I love the room - It looks fabulous. Great way to make it achievable too!

  2. Super gorgeous space. It's nice to see the vintage dining chairs unpainted for a change.

  3. Great job as always Colleen!

    Jenny, thanks for introducing me to Caitlin Wilson's textiles. The prints are so great!

  4. Does anyone know where to purchase a knob similar to the lucite ones featured here. I adore them and have a project in mind for them, but can't justify paying $34 each. Thanks for the great post!

    1. Try Hobby Lobby, they have a great assortment of lucite knobs in several shapes and sizes. You'll also find a similar cache pot there in the blue porcelain as well as a the yellow teapot. I used the knobs in my daughter's bathroom and the pot on the vanity

  5. This is my first visit and this you have made some mind blowing articles. which are very helpful Design Proposals

  6. Hi Lisa, here's another knob option!

  7. Fantastic!! You know what would be the one thing I would add would be the mirrored spray paint on the inside of the cabinet

  8. I love this and am a huge fan of Caitlin's textiles.

  9. Genius! FYI, I purchased this empire chandy for my DR, and it comes unassembled and in a very shiny yellow gold finish....


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