La Cornue and Inspiration from Nashville

So I don't want to jinx it, but I found a La Cornue range on Craigslist for a great price (!!!) and I really, really want it for our kitchen remodel. It's a bit of a drive from my house, but come ON! Wouldn't you make an extra long road trip for one of these?

 photo Tyne-Portfolio-08-1024x751 copy_1.jpg

 photo 2Tyne-Portfolio-08-1024x751 copy.jpg

 photo 5836-Beauregard-05-1024x754_1.png

These images are from the portfolio of Pencil and Paper Co out of Nashville (a company and a city I totally have a crush on). Aside from the fact that the talented husband and wife design team seem to love La Cornue as much as I do, I'm obsessed with their preppy-modern style. Their interiors definitely have that great Southern look, but there's an edge that's super refreshing!

 photo Woodmont-Portfolio-02-1024x689.png

 photo Draper-James-Portfolio-13_2.png

 photo ranch 1_1.jpg

 photo Woodmont-Portfolio-01-1024x750.png

What I love most about their work is it seems so thoughtful, like every single detail was considered and executed beautifully, you know? I really admire that. What a gorgeous way to live a life - so deliberate and purposeful.

 photo ranch_1.jpg

 photo sunny-kitchen-1.jpg

 photo bb5872ef216e copy.jpg

There are a lot of accessories in many of their rooms, but nothing looks like junkie filler stuff. Just a lovely, well-traveled and collected vibe.

 photo happy-ranch-5_1.jpg

 photo steel-and-brass-french-stove-la-cornue-range-brass-swing-arm-pot-filler.jpg

 photo happy-ranch-4_2.jpg

 photo Draper-James-Portfolio-11_1.png

 photo 5833-Beauregard-02_1.jpg

 photo 5836-Beauregard-13-1024x754_1.png

 photo 5833-Beauregard-03_1.jpg

 photo sunny-kitchen-1 1_1.jpg

 photo 5833-Beauregard-2-02_1.jpg

So pretty right? Here are a few things that are oozing with that Pencil and Paper Co vibe!

 photo LGN PPCo 1.jpg
x bench  //  capiz chandelier  //  serape bracelet  //  red shibori chair  //  magic hands lino cut print  //  gold side table //  indigo pillows (pair!)

 photo LGN PPCo 4.jpg
tufted wingback  //  diamond jute rug  //  lavender brushstrokes lamp  //  beach print  //  $30(!!!!) black sconce  //  black and white embroidered pillow  //  hanging rattan chair
 photo LGN PPCo 3.jpg
Rothko print  //  woven seat chair  //  brass desk organizer  //  pink and white pom pom throw  //  blue shibori chair  //  red drip ginger jar  //  indigo pillow
 photo LGN PPCo 5.jpg
brass and steel mirror  //   Pendleton throw  //  blue planter stand  //  leather lion bookend  //  bistro stool  //  accordian sconce ($60!!!)
 photo LGN PPco 2.jpg
brass lantern  //  gray stain dining table  //   strawberry print  //  blue lacquered nightstand  //  red and black striped throw  //  black leather sling chair  //  pottery bowl


  1. Absolutely wonderful pieces. I can't get enough of your blog .X

  2. I'm obsessed with that range too. So beautiful!

  3. Forget about the long road trip - I'd sell an organ for one of those beauties! It would look sooooo amazing in your kitchen!

  4. Many beautiful photos. My favorite has to be the little girl's room with the black and white duvet. So chic when paired with the ballet pink. Love!
    Jen Pollard
    Park Place Designs

  5. Inspiring, as always, Jenny!! Look forward to seeing this range in your kitchen...and all else you will do!!

  6. I love Gen and Benjamin and their style is just so good! And they're just such sweet people too. The Le Cornue is a total dream and if you can get a deal and not pay the price of a decent car, why wouldn't you make that drive?!? Can't wait to see your kitchen come together!

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  8. Make the drive! My sister just brought her first house(major fixer upper). I scored an Ilve Range and matching hood on ebay for her, it had been ripped out by a builder and "plonked" on ebay with a very bad photo just listed as range and hood! £195 later, several strong men and it was winging its way to its new home. Its beautiful, in pristine condition and she is very happy she made the drive!

  9. Those ranges are GORGEOUS but they have consistently dismal reviews. Sad. I looked at them for our kitchen but went with Thermador - not so design-pretty, but works :)

  10. Those photos are beautiful! So is the range! I love those white shag rugs. I have one, but it's SO hard to keep clean! I see them in pictures and they look so nice, but HOW do you keep them clean?! Does anyone have any tips??

  11. I have a major crush on Pencil & Paper Co too! Great finds!! I cannot believe the price on that Amazon sconce! Wow!!

  12. Nice! I am not sure how you'd feel about green cabinets (I love them!) but the brass accents in this kitchen reminded me of you:

  13. The range is the perfect piece of jewelry for any kitchen! Can't wait to see your kitchen!! Happy weekend!

  14. My it all, this entire post. Drive drive in your area, with truck, hitch and trailer and fiance. Id drive you just to know you have it! or someone else may have to drive because I just realized my NYC license expired...oh the luxury of AZ license that expires when you are 100! Seriously

  15. I found out about Pencil & Paper from Kayce Hughes (niece of Lily Pulitzer), who is friends with them. I love Hughes' clothes - they are so much fun! Love Pencil & Paper - they are so stylish!

  16. Oh my goodness! Snap it up!! I'll drive it home with you ;)

  17. I would drive great distance for a great deal on a La Cornue. Are you going to make the trek? I just posted about them recently also! Love your images.

  18. What pretty pretty! How lucky that you found a Le Cornue! I hope it works out!

  19. beware the ovens on the Le Cornue ranges are tiny inside, you can't even fit a standard size roasting pan in one!


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